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Winning Spirit Secondary School (WSSS) is a campus style; a boarding students’ establishment opened to the public on January 2006, by enrolling Form I students.

The school has been specially designed by top architects and built to the highest construction standards. The spacious enough areas in campus where is situated immediately adjacent to the Moshi - Arusha road. It is approximately 200 meters from Moshi - Arusha road through Ilboru Secondary School road.

WSSS takes care to minimize the stress of the first time girl student boarder by providing a high degree of security, comfort and good food. These three things, we believe, are essential for any good learning environment. The Winning Spirit Secondary School is aware of and sensitive to the problems and barriers girls' face during their secondary education. So the school buildings and curriculum have been designed to give them maximum educational opportunities in a secure, calm and sheltered environment.


The intake of the school is inter-denominational and multi-cultural in character. The school is committed to the Tanzanian National Curriculum as provided by the Ministry of Education, culture and Vocational Education,
and has two terms (semesters) January to June and July to December.
WS.SS vision is to educate a Tanzanian young who can work independently in society. Additional subjects and programs are therefore incorporated so as to attain excellence, empowerment of this young group
to ensure that they find active career paths, aspire to be more than just societies think. The subjects prescribed in the O level National Curriculum,that forms the foundation of teaching at WS.SS, are: Physics; Maths;
Chemistry; Biology; English; Kiswahili; Geography; History and Civics

The subjects seen to be of immense practical value to students, and incorporated in the school curriculum as compulsory subjects are: Bookkeeping; and Commerce; The A level subject combinations offered are (History Geography Language (HGL) , History Kiswahili Language (HKL), History Geography Economics (HGE) , History Geography Kiswahili (HGK), Economics Geography Pure Mathematics (EGM) , Chemistry Biology Geography (CBG), Physics Biology Chemistry (PCB), Physics Chemistry Pure Mathematics (PCM), Physics Geography Pure Mathematics (PGM) and Economics Commerce Accountancy (ECA) . Winning Spirit Secondary School believes the future African woman needs high level commercial skills combined with the ability to use the rapidly changing world of computer technology. This will provide her with the confidence needed to compete in the Tanzania of 2025 and beyond.


The Winning Spirit Secondary School is intensely ambitious, and that ambition extends to all the girls in its care. WS.SS believes that Tanzania is one of the most beautiful and varied countries on the face of the earth, and that the potential of its tourism and hospitality industry is massive.

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The school is exclusively English-medium, with Swahili as a second language. English is taught by a variety of modern, highly interactive methods, including conversation seminars to ensure that all students reach the high degree of spoken fluency required to operate successfully in higher education and in the modern workplace.

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In addition to the main curriculum there are broad and stimulating range of sports and other activities the school offers. Currently, the students play netball, football, volleyball and basketball, but there is a need to expand to other key sports essential to develop healthy minds and bodies.

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Sports build habits, confidence & discipline. They make leaders and teach them how to strive for a goal & handle mistakes



Three things in life – your health, your mission, Happiness and the people you love.Happiness is the highest form of health



Education is the most powerful weapon and key which you can use change the World also passport to the future, for tomorrow